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2023 Beantown Tournament - United States Broomball Association

United States Broomball Association

2023 Beantown Tournament Results

The Beantown Tournament yet again was not one to miss. In their 7th year, the tournament was well run, and the competition was fierce with teams traveling from all over including Vermont, New Hampshire, Ohio, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, and even Canada! It was our own little Worlds over here in Boston that weekend!


Like last year, there were some favorites in each bracket, which inevitably lead to some pretty exciting upsets! Swifties, one of the only two undefeated teams, had easily beat the Roadrunners (meep meep) in round robin in a 5-1 thrashing, so it was to be assumed the same would happen in the playoffs. In a startling upset, the Roadrunners made Swifties roadkill, beating them 1-0 in the semi-finals on a Brett Schneider goal. But the team with the best Cinderella story of all time was Southern Heat from Florida. They had a difficult road to the championship, first beating Broomdock Saints 2-1, followed by a 1-0 (on a Mackey goal) very unexpected victory in the semi-finals against the other undefeated team, The Woodpeckers from Syracuse.


After two giant upsets knocking the 1st seed teams out, everyone got ready to watch Florida – the 3rd place team in their bracket – face off against Roadrunners – defending the Beantown title for the third year in a row, and favored as the 2nd place team in their bracket – in the championship. And it did not disappoint with a score of 3-3 in regulation, 3-3 in OT, and finally ending with Missy Wisniale burying a goal in double OT to give Southern Heat the win against the Roadrunners, proving that even the fastest of birds can get burned.


Championship Game: Roadrunners vs Southern Heat


Leading Scorers

Players Team GP Goals Assists Points
Eric Mackey Southern Heat 6 7 6 13
Michael Dzoba Swifties 5 6 6 12
Scott Chandler Southern Heat 6 5 4 9
Austin Smart Swifties 5 6 2 8
Kevin Brower Swifties 5 5 2 7
Cam Cochran Fortin’s 4 5 1 6
Bryan Buckley Woodpeckers 5 4 2 6
Brett Schneider Roadrunners 6 3 2 5
Dom Somers Swifties 5 2 3 5
Ryan Richards Fortin’s 4 2 2 4
Michael Garlow Roadrunners 6 4 0 4
Chris Matroniano Roadrunners 6 2 2 4
Andrew Toker Swifties 5 0 4 4
Sarah Agnor Swifties 5 1 3 4
Aaron Eager Tempered Steel 4 2 2 4
Corey Martin Woodpeckers 5 2 2 4
Josh St. Martin Woodpeckers 5 1 3 4



Photo Credit to Beantown Broomball.
2023 Beantown Tournament Champions