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MISSION, VISION & GOALS – United States Broomball Association

United States Broomball Association



The United States Broomball Association (USBA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing players, organizations, and communities with resources, support, education, competition, and programming in order to further the success and foster the growth of broomball.


To be the national governing body of the sport of broomball in the United States, by representing the interests of the sport and the interests of all players while exercising exclusive jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the participation of the United States in the sport of broomball.


  • Maintain the managerial and financial competence and capability to establish national goals for athletic activities related to the sport of broomball and encourage the attainment of those goals, and to execute its obligations as the national governing body for the sport of broomball;
  • Protect the right of opportunity, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or disability of an athlete, coach, manager, administrator or official to participate in broomball; 
  • Coordinate and develop athletic activity and competition in the United States relating to the sport of broomball and promote participation and the development of athletes’ skills at all levels through programs for players, coaches, administrators and officials; 
  • Honor individuals, past and present, who by their deeds as players, coaches, officials and/or contributors to the sport of broomball, and by the example of their lives, personify the spirit of sportsmanship and the highest levels of competition and to enshrine such persons in the United States Broomball Association Hall of Fame.


  • Develop interest and expand participation in broomball throughout the United States; 
  • Keep members informed of organizational policy matters and reasonably reflect the views of members in policy decisions; 
  • Provide and coordinate technical information on physical training, equipment design, coaching, and performance analysis while encouraging and supporting research, development, and dissemination of information in the areas of sports medicine and sports safety. 
  • Establish rules regarding eligibility, participation, and competition of United States Broomball Association members on a local, regional, and national level by the applicable rules and any updates to such rules governed by the United States Broomball Association in a timely manner.