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2023 Broomfest - United States Broomball Association

United States Broomball Association

2023 Broomfest Results



5 full-time refs

7 relief refs

2 full-time scorekeepers

14 teams

15 hours

26 games

58 skills competition participants

104 goals

+183 broomballers


One successful 2023 Broomfest tournament!!!

On behalf of the Cincinnati Broomball Association and the Dayton Broomball Association, thank you for supporting the 2023 Broomfest Tournament! This year we had two evenly matched divisions with 14 games won by one goal and not a single game decided by mercy rule. A huge shout-out to the captains who endured the never-ending battle of finding personnel and somehow getting them to travel to Oxford for one grueling day of broomball.

We couldn’t have pulled this off without the dedication of our refs, scorekeepers, and volunteers (even those who didn’t know they were going to volunteer but found themselves manning the tripod for the live streams). Thank you all so much for your help!


B-Bracket Recap:

– Wasted Talent entertained the crowd and surprised themselves with a 2-1 QF win over Cleveland Rocks.  As personnel and energy faded heading into the semi-final game, Wasted Talent’s run was cut off by a decisive 5-0 victory by the Ice Mambas.

– On the other side of the bracket, OOPS! All Tendies! utilized their goalie skills to shut out Naughty Ice-olation to advance to the semi-finals. Although, the team of netminders did not have enough stopping power to slow down Miami Broomball, who put in 4 semi-final goals to their 1.

– The two number 1 seeds battled hard in the final, but the defending collegiate national champions of Miami Broomball were riding high on home-ice advantage and held off the Pittsburgh hopefuls. The Redhawks netted three goals on Ice Mambas on their way to becoming the 2023 Broomfest B-Bracket Champions.


A-Bracket Recap:

– Legal Eagles were unable to soar as the Roadrunners Meep Meep’d past them in a 4-1 QF victory. Unfortunately, what they thought was a clear road to the finals turned out to be nothing more than a cleverly painted brick wall in the shape of a hungry Carolina team.

– Carolina maintained the momentum gained from upsetting the Columbus Kutters in Round #1 to outscore Roadrunners 4-0 in the semis and ensure their appearance in the final.

– The other side of the bracket had tighter games, starting with the Dayton representatives Too Crooked to Handle who came out flat against the Clevelanders. Somehow, they were able to grab 2 goals in the last 6 minutes of the game, but Ice Storm responded with a 3-2 win to advance to the semi-finals.

– The other A-bracket host team, Body by Azadi, found themselves short a goal against the #1 seeded Mind Probers. The mascot aliens used their powers to eliminate the last local team in the bracket with a 2-1 win.

– The semi-final game against Ice Storm and Mind Probers did not disappoint, as double OT was required to determine the winner. Despite Mind Probers taking a penalty by “gliding” a stick on the ice in anticipation of a shot from an Ice Storm forward, they found a way to net a sudden-death goal to advance to the final.

– Carolina Broomball and DC-based Mind Probers worked their butts off during the final, both digging deep and fighting to the finish of their 5th game of the day. In the end, the speed and momentum of the Mind Probers was enough to secure a 2-1 victory and end Carolina’s exciting playoff run. In just their second year as a Broomfest squad, the Mind Probers are your 2023 A-Bracket Champions!

Congrats again to our 2023 champions and all participants who helped make Broomfest 2023 another fantastic installment of this event. It was our distinct pleasure to host you and we hope to see everyone back in 2024!


Championship Games: Mind Probers vs Carolina Broomball


Photo Credit to Broomfest

2023 Broomfest Champions
2023 Broomfest A Bracket Champions: Mind Probers
2023 Broomfest B Bracket Champions
2023 Broomfest B Bracket Champions: Red Hawks