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2023 Queen City Southern Shootout - United States Broomball Association

United States Broomball Association

2023 Queen City Southern Shootout


QCSS 2023 went off successfully July 22-23 at the Extreme Ice Center located in Indian Trail, NC, just outside of Charlotte. This was the 3rd year of the tournament, it’s second year after the COVID gap. QCSS is proud to be one of the most covered tournaments in the US, having upgraded our broadcast equipment to allow for more folks to get behind a mic and call the games, but let’s not forget that our very own Dan Maples AND Dave Metzl called most of the games. Lots of positive feedback on covering games, especially the commentary carried by our broadcast duo. If you haven’t come to Charlotte to play, you’re missing out on possibly the best venue in the circuit complete with a full bar, kitchen, FREE BOJANGLES BREAKFAST, and the start or finish of what could be a summer vacation destination! Several teams now rent Air BnBs on one of our many lakes (eat your heart out Minnesota!) and many others travel to Ashville and the mountains, Atlanta, or the Outer Banx and other coastal destinations close by in NC, SC, and GA! If any of you dear readers couldn’t make it down this year, please make sure to tell us why so we can do our best to accommodate!


Let it be known that our primary motivation in Carolina is to create more space for women in Broomball, especially in places where Broomball isn’t considered a major sport. Participation was also down this year, and with a shorter list of registrants, we sought feedback from the women coming to play. As expected, some awesome ideas lead to having pool play teams decided at random with a deck of cards having each player with their own card. After pool play, goalies (or their delegates) drafted the two teams to play in the finals. In the end there was a hard-fought game, but after winners were decided, there was a small celebration for having a 3rd successful women’s tournament!


6 teams competed this year. Many conflicts led to a reduction in registration, but the competition was still strong. Two Carolina teams were joined by the Ice Mambas (Pittsburgh), Bay State Seamen (Boston), Turbulence (Ohio), and Southern Heat (South Florida). Turbulence came back in the 2nd period of regulation to score twice to tie the game. Turbulence landed on top after a nail biting 3-2 double OT win over Carolina Blue to take the Championship.

Photo Credit to Carolina Broomball.

2023 QCSS Co-Rec
2023 QCSS Co-Rec Champions: Turbulence
2023 QCSS Womens
2023 QCSS Women's Champions